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Owner Operators — More than a Contract, a Career.
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Owner Operators

When Jim Smith bought Fikes Truck Line in 1981, he started with just eleven contractors hauling shipments within the state of Arkansas. Company lore had Jim driving through the neighboring towns, meeting potential owner operators and asking them to sign on with Fikes. His enthusiasm for growing the truck line took hold and it wasn't long before the company was doing business in 48-states, supported by a fleet of professional contractors.

For many of our first owner operators, leasing to Fikes became more than a contract. Jim's personal investment in their success encouraged them to make Fikes a career, including several members of Fikes' management team who got their start hauling loads for Fikes.

Today we are committed as ever to helping our contractors advance goals and reach potential. We know that drivers are the critical link between our shippers and receivers, and we rely on your professionalism to carry our message and enhance our success.

Send us a note and a staff member will contact you. You can also contact our Recruiting Department directly at 1-800-TO-FIKES (1-800-863-4537). We are invested in your success and want leasing to Fikes to be the best contract you'll ever have - one that connects you with your own purpose.

The Fikes family of Companies is Connecting People with Opportunity.