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Commercial Disinfection Service in Portland, Oregon

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Protect Surfaces from bacteria

Commercial Disinfection Services in Portland, Oregon

Normal business cleaning takes time & money. But even then, you don’t kill germs. If you want to be a truly clean facility, you need to perform commercial disinfection. This step is important because it goes beyond cleaning. When you clean, it is still not guaranteed that the germs have been eliminated.

Germs grow where nobody can see them. Furthermore, why would you want your staff spending excessive amounts of time getting both disinfection and cleaning done? That time could be better spent helping your customers and growing your business.
  • Disinfect your surfaces to keep your customers and employees safe
  • Enhance your image & brand to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Create an atmosphere to make sure your customers will return
  • Protect surfaces from germs for up to 6 weeks
We Eliminate Germs

Be Germ-Free, Stress-Free with fikes facility disinfection

Fikes Commercial Disinfection in Denver, Colorado
Fikes commercial disinfection in Portland, Oregon will kill all the germs. Reduce your disinfection and cleaning costs. More importantly, reduce the time your team spends on cleaning. By partnering with Fikes Disinfection you will save time, money and enhance your image.
No Germs 100 %
Enhanced Safety 100 %
Improved Business Image 100 %

Your Local Electrostatic Disinfection experts in portland, Colorado

Our local team in Portland is committed to guaranteeing that your employees and customers are protected from harmful bacteria and germs.

Our disinfection services are the best in Portland, Oregon. Unlike traditional methods, our products do not have any harsh chemicals.
We use method and disinfectants approved by the EPA. They kill 99.9% of bacteria in 10 minutes or less.

Our professionals will identify the types of bacteria or fungus that may be lingering in your vents, walls, cabinets, or any other surfaces.
Your business could benefit from this kind of protection. Choosing Fikes to ensure hospital-grade disinfection can provide peace of mind for you and your team.
disinfection in portland, or
disinfection in portland, or
commercial disinfection in Portland Oregon

Types of businesses served

Having a germ-free facility is essential to the productivity and health of your employees. Moreover, it helps you provide a good impression on your clients, and visitors. We work with a variety of industries including restaurants, multi-family & commercial property managers, car dealerships, schools & education, non-profit organizations, healthcare facilities, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and more in Portland, Colorado.

commercial disinfection in Portland Oregon
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