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Commercial Disinfection Service in Gresham, Oregon

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Protect Surfaces from bacteria

Commercial Disinfection Services in gresham, Oregon

Fikes will disinfect your business to kill germs and bacteria. Our professional cleaning is great and necessary for keeping your business running efficiently. But it’s not enough because even when you clean, the germs are still there. They’re still waiting to make employees and customers sick, and a lot of them are actually resistant to cleaning products. They also can cause damage to your equipment.

To achieve the desired results when you choose an experienced team to disinfect your business, you need a team like ours that uses advanced equipment and proven techniques that ensure thorough disinfection for all surfaces and materials including mattresses, carpets, upholstery, hard, soft, and porous surfaces.
  • Disinfect your surfaces to keep your customers and employees safe
  • Enhance your image & brand to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Create an atmosphere to make sure your customers will return
  • Protect surfaces from germs for up to 6 weeks
We Eliminate Germs

Be Germ-Free, Stress-Free with fikes facility disinfection

Fikes Commercial Disinfection in Denver, Colorado

Fikes is committed to protecting your families, employees, and customers from all known disease-causing pathogens, mold, and viruses. Our products are safe to use in food preparation areas and offer fast, effective results to eliminate microbes and germs. Our services include cleaning and sanitizing restrooms, kitchens, and high-touch areas. Fikes offers a cost-effective solution that will not affect your business budget in Gresham, Oregon.

No Germs 100 %
Enhanced Safety 100 %
Improved Business Image 100 %

Your Local Electrostatic Disinfection experts in Aurora, Colorado

You likely already know that a thriving business environment goes beyond just having quality products and services to offer. You can’t overlook the importance of protecting the health of employees, team members, and customers with quality commercial disinfection.

For over 20 years, Fikes has been providing commercial disinfection for businesses in Oregon. We offer a variety of products and services to help you effectively clean and disinfect all your business’s surfaces, helping protect your customers, employees, and bottom line.
Gresham Oregon Disinfection for Business

Types of businesses served

Having a germ-free facility is essential to the productivity and health of your employees. Moreover, it helps you provide a good impression on your clients, and visitors. We perform commercial disinfection for many types of facilities including restaurants, offices, retail stores, healthcare facilities, and a wide variety of other businesses in many other industries in Gresham, Oregon.

Gresham Oregon Disinfection for Business
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