HEAT SCREENER Touchless Temperature Facial Scanner

The 7-inch Al face recognition screening machine is a perfect combination of traditional applications based on face recognition and infrared temperature detection. Perfect for restaurants, multi-family housing, offices, and retail stores!


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Product Info:

  • Non-Contact Binocular Detection

  • 1 Second Measurement

  • Abnormal Temperature Warning

  • 16Gb Memory Capacity

  • Time & Attendance Management

  • Mask Recognition

  • Installation: Comes with wall-mounted, gate-type, floor-mounted, desktop type; 4 accessories included

Privacy Concerns FAQ:

  1. How does the system work for time & attendance?

    Once you have uploaded the employee photos and information into the device, it will record each time they use the device.? You can log into the interface and search by name to see the recorded information.

  2. Does it record the time temperature taken and what the temperature is?


  3. Does it send an alert if someone does not scan in?


  4. What information does the device store (temperature, employee info, etc.)?

    It records the time, temperature, and takes a photo of the individual and stores it in the device.

  5. Is the information anonymous?

    If there are no employees set up in the software, there is no data associated with the photos, so it is anonymous without any correlating data.

  6. How long is the information stored in the device?

    Until you delete it.

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 10 in


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