KN 95 Masks | Pack of 20

  • Available 20 per box
  • Rated to capture 95% of .3 micron particles
  • Helps filter out dust, bacteria, smoke & pollen
  • Elastic ear loop for universal sizing
  • Comfortable fit
  • White
  • Nose guard
  • Fiberglass free


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  • KN95 masks are produced in very clean, almost dust-free production environments. The KN95 masks comply with standard GB 2626-2006 (KN95 grade), The performance is tested on four sections:

  • The Filtering efficiency, is over >95%

  • Tested using NACL as the particulates, the flow is: 85L/minute, the density of particulates: 15mg per CBM, at regulated temperature range, and at regulated humidity range

  • The resistance to inhale (air in) : must be less than 350 Pa

  • The resistance to exhale (air out): must be less than 250 Pa


    • This mask can be used for respiratory protection of certain oily particulates (Dust, pollen and other types of dust and non-volatile fog and other air pollutants).

    • This product cannot be used in hypoxic environments

    • This product cannot be used for protective filtering of toxic gases and vapors

    • Mask pollution, damage, aging, failure, etc., need to be replaced with a new mask

    • Children must be under the guidance of an adult, please keep in a safe place to avoid accidents


Box of 20


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