Safety Zone Powder Free Natural Latex Gloves

Powder-Free Latex Gloves from The Safety Zone provides the best feel, fit, and dexterity. Powdered 100% silicone-free, are perfect for those who require premium-grade latex gloves. Offers the best possible barrier protection for medical environments. They go through an extra process of chlorinating the gloves to ease donning. Our polymer coated latex gloves provide an additional barrier to prevent latex proteins from touching the skin.


Safety Zone powder-free latex gloves are produced with a food grade corn starch powder, making donning easier especially when hands are wet.

Latex gloves have been the industry standard in disposable gloves for many years. Latex offers the best fit, sensitivity and dexterity of all disposable gloves. Medical offices, precision manufacturing and computer clean rooms most-often use latex gloves.  Latex is ideal for delicate work and implemented in different industries.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8.75 × 5 × 2.25 in

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