Fikes Urinal Mat- 1 Single

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Fikes® “Proudly Obsessed With the Dirty Details”

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Brand: Wiz Kid

Product Description

Have problem restroom odors despite repeated cleanings? You may not be able to see the culprit! Urine droplets can land on floors and cause severe odors that can’t be eliminated until the restroom is deep cleaned. To maintain your restrooms in between deep cleanings use the Wiz Kid Urinal Mat to catch droplets or other odor-causing agents. These urinal mats disinfect and kill bacteria that cause odors! A urinal mat saves time by extending the time needed between cleanings. The Wiz Kid urinal mat will save you time and money, order one for your restroom today!

  • For use on all floor types
  • Disposable
Weight0.4 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 12 in


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