Why is there a global shortage of gloves?

Global Gloves Shortage | Shortage of Gloves & other PPE Products | Fikes

Covid-19 continues to have a significant impact on the global supply chain for PPE. Unfortunately, the strain on the supply chain will be felt well into 2021. At Fikes, we are committed to having clear and on-time communication with our clients.

As you probably know, the global shortage of gloves makes a significant impact on the overall pricing and availability of gloves. However, we want to ensure that we have enough supplies of vinyl, nitrile, and latex gloves in stock and have the availability of many PPE products, including masks and face shields. We are working around the clock to get quality gloves as best as we can to supply your needs.

Factors affecting glove prices and availability:

  • Extreme supply chain stress
  • COVID-19 driven demand for gloves has spiked to three times pre-pandemic rates.
  • Raw material shortages in Nitrile Butyl Rubber, the primary production input for Nitrile gloves. It is expected to last through Q4 2021
  • Ocean carrier issues with shipping capacity at its highest levels.
  • Rates from China to the US West Coast are 148% higher than the same year last year.
  • Manufacturing lead times are still extended.
  • Demand remains at 60% above production.
  • Raw material shortages impact the availability of Nitrile gloves.

It is unknown if glove costs will continue to rise following the same increase they have since the beginning of COVID-19. Suspecting that they will, Fikes continues to proactively source gloves & PPE products to make sure we have the supply to accommodate your needs. If you need any supplies, you can contact us here.

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