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The Max Campbell SHOW

A podcast hosted by Fikes Director of Recruiting. Exploring the “world through your windshield”. Learn More

Connections that Count

We’re proud to show our stripes through partnerships that support and protect our highways, our country and our world. Here are just a few associations and organizations that Fikes connects with on an annual basis.  Learn more...

If you think flatbed when you think Fikes, THINK AGAIN

Today, our capabilities are greater than ever. Through the Fikes family of companies, we offer diversified but compatible transportation solutions, bringing customers tremendous capacity and a broad equipment base. >> Learn More

More Capacity. More Lanes.

Fikes Truck Line is one of the oldest trucking companies in Arkansas, founded in 1941. Today, we’ve taken what we’ve learned on the road and applied that experience to our new sister company – FTL Logistics. Headquartered in Hope, Arkansas, with terminals in Alabama, Kentucky, and Texas, we enjoy long-standing relationships with well-known manufacturers across the United States. Learn More...

One Man, 11 Trucks
and a Dream

Learn the story behind the Fikes Family of Companies and the vision of connecting people with purpose. Watch Video.

Gary Salisbury. On a Mission.

President and CEO of Fikes Truck Line Gary Salisbury, is featured in Award-Winning Regional Journal of the Arkansas Trucking Association.   :: Learn More

Lindsay Lawler

See her perfom from the top of a Fikes flatbed on her Highway Angel Truck Stop Tour :: Learn More

The Fikes Family of Companies
Connecting People With Purpose

Three Companies. One Goal.

Introducing FTL Custom Commodities. The newest sister the Fikes family of companies, specializing in Refrigerated shipments.  Learn more.