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Professional & Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services

The kitchen is the most crucial area of a commercial building. The kitchen is most prone to dirt, filth, and food waste, contributing to dirty floors and walls based on its daily use. Consider hiring a professional cleaner if you’re running a kitchen in your operation. Fikes takes care of your commercial kitchen as if it was our own. With our well-organized kitchen deep cleaning services, we take pride in giving you the cleanliness and the hygiene you deserve in your kitchen.

professional & commercial deep cleaning services
professional & Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services Seattle,Portland,Denver,Washington
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We treat your kitchen as our own

If your building has a kitchen on the premises, many areas will need more than just a routine clean. The cleaning of your kitchen hoods, ovens, and other large appliances is necessary to keep your facility operating at its best. Filthy kitchens are more than just an eyesore. You can put the building’s employees, clients, and visitors at risk of food-borne diseases. A major fire can even occur if your kitchen is not adequately cleaned. A professional kitchen deep cleaning service saves your company from the potential responsibility of a greasy and dirty kitchen. Fikes makes sure to keep your kitchen up to the highest safety standards by deep cleaning and maintaining it for you. 

Fikes works with experienced and professional staff to ensure your kitchen area is safe and adequately serviced. You also have the flexibility to work around your schedule to minimize any downtime. Our professionals will not be in your way when you need your kitchen the most. With our devoted professionals, you never have to worry about an inspection, or any hidden danger left in your commercial kitchen. We engage the best experts and maintain the highest standards, so your kitchen is clean and thoroughly sanitized. Our crews use the latest technology to deep clean your commercial kitchen as effectively as possible.

Why choose Fikes for your kitchen deep Cleaning Services?

We are the leading kitchen deep cleaning service providers across Seattle, Portland, Denver, and Washington. Our technicians are equipped with hot pressure washers, the latest vacuums, advanced disinfectant applicators, EPA-approved cleaners, and more. With these tools and our expertise, our team is ready to tackle any commercial kitchen deep cleaning. We can move large fixtures and take apart booths when necessary.

You can count on us to use environmentally friendly products every time we provide a deep cleaning. We’ll never leave behind harsh chemicals or irritating odors. Instead, everything we use is non-toxic, allergen-free, and adheres to the highest level of green cleaning standards.

If you’re not happy with our services for any reason, simply let our team know. We stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee.

Fikes Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services
Professional Commercial Restroom & Floor Deep Cleaning Services Puget Sound

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