7 Ways To Protect And Disinfect Your Business From Flu And Covid This Winter

covid and flu disinfection
Covid has changed the world for good. All of us are getting used to this new normal. Things like commercial janitorial service, temperature checks at the entry points, the social distancing of customers, and restroom sanitation have become the priority from a business’s perspective.

There’s no point in risking your business by being indifferent to the terrible things happening around us because of this virus. Every business should comply with their respective government’s anti-covid measures and protocols.

The arrival of winters used to be celebrated vividly around the world. Holidays and celebrations used to be the essence of winters. However, 2020 has kept us locked in our homes for more than seven months. People lost their loved ones, jobs, businesses, and many things this year. With the winters, the threat of flu has arrived as well. The flu will only make it worse for us if we are not prepared and careful. The US has been badly hit because of the winters. More than 4 million were found covid-positive in the month of November alone!

In this blog, we are going to help you with the top 7 ways to protect and disinfect your business from flu and covid this winter:

1. No Mask – No Pass!

We can not emphasize the importance of wearing a mask when you are exposed to other people. If you do not want your business to get affected by flu and Covid this winter, DO NOT allow anyone to enter without wearing a mask. An effective mask safeguards the surrounding by 95%.

Ensure that your employees are wearing a mask all the time they are there on your business premises. Also, get the maks changed regularly. You can simply give them disposable surgical masks. Those the most effective and economical masks against this virus.

2. Hire A Commercial Service That Knows About Corona Disinfection

Those times are long gone when conventional janitorial services could do the job. You have to adapt and improvise according to the current situation. If you have an in-house janitorial staff, train them how to do the new kind of cleaning with industrial disinfectants, safety gears, and all of the other important stuff. You must also train them to follow all the essential Covid-related cleaning protocols.

For best results, you should hire a commercial disinfection service that already knows and follows COVID cleaning protocols. If your business is getting opened for the first time after the lockdown, we’d advise you to hire a professional commercial disinfection service to perform a deep cleaning session. For your employees’ and customers’ safety, it is critical to do a thorough cleaning program on your business premises.

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3. Get Your HVAC Systems Cleaned and Sanitized

Business owners usually overlook the cleaning of HVAC systems when they perform a thorough clean-up process. It would be best if you weren’t one of them. HVAC system clean-up is one of the most essential measures against flu and covid spread. The indoor air quality depends on how clean your HVAC equipment is. The air ducts could have germs and viruses stored in them, which would keep polluting the breathable air until and unless you clean them off.

You could hire a professional HVAC cleaning and maintenance service to do the task for you. It wouldn’t cost much. Above all, it’ll keep your employees and customers safe from the transmission of the virus.

4. Temperature Checks of Employees and Customers

High temperature is one of the very first symptoms of covid. Almost 99% of the positive cases have experienced a rise in their body temperature in the initial days. You must install a temperature screening checkpoint at all the entry points of your business. The best solution for that is to install a facial scanner/thermometer which will greatly help you keep everything under control.

If your business can not yield results without your employees’ physical presence, make sure to check their body temperature regularly throughout the day. Encourage them to let the management know if they feel like having a fever.

It is even more critical to have a temperature screening process installed if you have customers entering the building/shops. The more footfalls your business premises have, the greater is the risk of contamination.

5. Hire A Professional Help For Restroom Sanitation

Restroom sanitation should be in your top 2 priorities in these difficult times. If not cleaned properly, restrooms can have the greatest amount of germs and viruses stored that can make your employees and customers sick. Not just for personal hygiene, restroom sanitation is equally important for the sake of your business’s image. If your customers find your restrooms dirty and unhygienic, you will lose them forever. They’ll never come back to do business with you.

To keep your restrooms hygienic and clean from all the viruses and germs, you must hire professional help for restroom sanitation. They’ll keep your bathrooms shiny and sanitized 24/7.

6. Regularly Disinfect The ‘Most-Used’ Surfaces And Things

Apart from cleaning the business premises, you have to disinfect the ‘most-used‘ surfaces, high-touch points and things regularly throughout the day. Items such as light switches, doorknobs, handrails, chairs, tables, refrigerator handles, shared tools & devices, etc., should be adequately sanitized using disinfectant sprays and solutions. Multiple people touch them in a day. Hence, cleaning them only once a day will not be nearly as effective. You could get help from a commercial janitorial service for implementing all these cleaning measures.

Public surfaces such as those of restrooms, dining areas, meeting rooms, and others should also be disinfected after every couple of hours or weeks – if you use a special coating. As we have said multiple times now, restroom sanitation is an absolute necessity to fight covid and flu this winter.

7. Enforce the use of EPA-Approved Cleaning Disinfectants

Corona Virus doesn’t get cleaned with just any other cleaning agent that’s available in the market. You’ll need such a surface disinfectant that has been tried, tested, and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the fight against covid. You can check out the list of EPA approved surface cleaning agents online. Make sure that the commercial janitorial service working for you is using the approved surface disinfectants. Not to forget, the restroom sanitation should also be done only using EPA approved cleaning agents. There is no other way around it.

Covid is here to stay. We, as a race, need to adapt and survive with it. In order to survive, we need to take all the precautions that we can take. For a business to survive this winter, it is absolutely critical to follow the anti-covid guidelines issued by the top health agencies around the world.

We have just told you the seven best ways to protect your business, employees, and customers from covid and flu this winter. If you implement the mentioned tips in your day-to-day operations, you will give your business an opportunity in these challenging times.

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