How Can Proper Scenting Help Your Apartment Complex Get New Residents?


Have you ever come across the term ‘Scent Marketing‘? If you’re an apartment complex manager and want to sell or rent out an apartment, you must have heard about it. Scent marketing is one of the latest marketing techniques used by real estate owners or property management companies to sell houses, rent out an apartment, and more. To get your apartments to smell nice, you’ll need to hire a professional commercial scenting service.

What is Scent Marketing?

Scent Marketing targets the most powerful sense of a potential customer – the sense of smell. In this technique, a scenting machine (dispensers, to be exact) is used, which allows you to change your apartment or the whole building’s odor to whatever you want it to smell like.

From Vanilla, Pine, Coffee to Citrus – you can literally make your apartment smell heavenly. When a potential buyer visits your pleasantly smelling apartment, they take a mental note of it, and your chances of converting them increases.

With the help of a commercial scenting service, you can install such a machine in your apartment complex that can influence your potential buyers.


Why Is Scent Marketing Such A Good Idea?

For starters, it helps the potential buyers or renters to make a temporary emotional bond with the property. If your apartment complex smells just like any other apartment complex, there’s nothing unique in there that gets the attention. However, if you get your apartment building to smell like, say, freshly crushed coffee beans, chances are your customer might find a nostalgic connection with the smell. That would be the very first point you would have scored in getting the deal done.

You can even use this technique to hide or overpower the smells that can drive your potential customers away from your building. For example, if a nearby food joint is making your apartment smell like cooked food, you can overpower it with scenting. You can hide and even eliminate the odors of furniture, wall paint, carpet, and almost anything that’s acting like an obstacle against your goals.

Smell has always been a mood influencer, and the mood is a decision influencer. If you somehow crack the game of influencing your potential buyer’s mood, your chances will only increase. The most amazing part is that you don’t even have to do these things by yourself. Just contact the most rated commercial scenting service in your area and get the arrangement done in your apartment complex.

Advantages of Hiring A Commercial Scenting Service For Your Apartment Complex

1. Drive Your Customer's Behavior With The Help of Scent Marketing

You can influence your potential buyer’s behavior by inducing a certain kind of scent in the apartment. The smell will help you in many ways. For starters, it will make your customer feel good about the apartment and its surroundings. Any kind of smell is better than no smell or the universal odor of a closed apartment.

A closed apartment usually has an unpleasant and musty smell. That’s an instant turn-off for potential home buyers. If you want to get the number of sales up in your property management company, you must hire a commercial scenting service.

Fikes Apartment Complex Air Freshener Blocks

2. Potential Buyers or Renters Would Like To Stick Around A Pleasantly Smelling Apartment

To speak it out in plain and simple terms, people like to spend more time around a place that smells nice. With the help of various scents, you can make your customers feel homely and comfortable. The better it smells, the longer the potential customers will stick around.

If you are successful in making your potential buyer stay longer around the property, you have a higher chance of converting them. It is a proven marketing tactic, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. A commercial scentings service will help you with your scent marketing needs, and you might just end up selling an apartment successfully in your complex.

3. Scents Create Memories

Your apartment should be the first apartment they remember when they try to rate their experiences mentally. People often do that, don’t they? A person hunting apartments will check out at least 3 to 4 apartments in a day and about 20 of them in a week. After so many open house visits, they might not remember the good things about your apartment.

However, you can make it impossible for them not to think about your property. Yes, you guessed it, alright! With the help of a commercial scentings service, you can create a long-lasting memory in a potential buyer’s mind.

What Are The Best Scents You Can Use in The Apartments To Increase Sales?

Now that you know how scent marketing can help you in closing the deals, let’s tell you the most effective scents you can use in the apartments:

1. Citrus Smell - Orange and Lime

It might come as a surprise to you, but the king of apartment-selling scents is ‘Citrus.’ The smell of lemon and oranges bring a feeling of freshness and rejuvenation. It boosts the moods of a potential buyer, and they feel comfortable around it.


2. The Scent of Cinnamon

The second on our list is ‘Cinnamon.’ It gives a nice and earthy feeling to the buyers. The smell of Cinnamon is sweet, mild, and brings a relaxing sense. If you didn’t know, Cinnamon was used as a natural soothing agent in ancient times. Its aroma is still used in massage therapies to relax muscles. It is a sure-shot winner scent if your buyer believes in eastern medications.

3. The Crowd Favorite - Vanilla

You might find it boring, but believe us, it’s not as conventional as people have made it sound. It has a nostalgic sense of belongingness. Vallina is a universal smell of comfort and coziness. It is a sweet and feel-good smell that might convert your potential buyer into a buyer.

4. Herbal Scents

The herbal scents make a long-lasting impact on the customers’ memories. The sense of freshness and greenery is what makes them choose your apartment from the other odor-less or smelly flats. You can simply ask your commercial scenting service to infuse a mild and mixed herbal smell into your apartment’s air.

Final Thoughts

Scent marketing is a great way to positively influence your customer’s behavior when deciding about your apartments. Proper scenting can sky-rocket your sales and get your apartment complex new residents. The best part is you don’t have to do anything by yourself!

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