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Trash chute cleaning is important not only for your building’s image but for the overall hygiene and comfort of people who work and live there. Most of the time your trash areas are out of sight and out of mind. That is unless the chute or compactor starts emitting a foul odor or invites vermin and bugs to camp out inside. Then, everyone knows exactly where the trash is located. Cleaning trash chutes and compactors may not make your priority list, but it sure will and everyone will feel it.

  • Keep tenants happy and apartments full
  • Remove grease build-up and potential fire hazards
  • Lengthen chute and chute door life
  • Reduce trash room odors
  • Reduce the likelihood of attracting pests and rodents
  • Reduce chances of black mold
  • Reduce vermin and pest problems

our process



We examine the chute for blockages and extensiveness of work
Applying Cleaner

Applying Cleaner

We apply our special cleaner with enzyme to make it easier to clean the chute
Hand Cleaning

Hand Cleaning

We always do the cleaning by hand to ensure quality and thoroughness
Applying Enzyme

Applying Enzyme

Applying additional enzyme will help keep the odor away for a long time
Quality Check

Quality Check

We make sure every surface and every part of the chute doors is cleaned


We polish trash chute doors to make it look like new!

Internal Trash Chute Cleaning

Professional & Effective Service for Residential Buildings of Any Size

why is trash chute cleaning important?

Health and Image

Cleaning chutes, compactors, and bins is a necessary step in your building’s preventative maintenance. You will lose customers, will spend a lot more resources on fixing any damage, and will gain a negative reputation if your trash chute is not taken care of.

That’s why you need a fully trained professional trash chute & compactor cleaning company. Our unique approach includes a multi-prong process that addresses dirt, grime, bacteria, mold, and odor.

Always Ready

Regardless of the height of your building, we have the appropriate equipment available to completely and professionally clean your trash chute. 

We use a custom, rotating turbo power washing head which then hooked up to one our high-pressure power washers. We send this device from the very top floor to the very bottom of your chute. Our service reflects your commitment to provide a pleasant, safe and healthy experience to your guests every day of the year. The health benefits and improved tenant’s experience will be appreciated immediately

What customers Say about us
Jason Morgan
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Fikes is top local company. Time and time again no matter if its our sales rep or the local management they step it up with the best customer service in the industry. If only all local or national companies were as great as Fikes..
Kevin Maude
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We have used Fikes for a number of years. Their service level is unbelievable and amazing. They truly want to find solutions that help make your business better. On top of making sure it is presentable and healthy. Offering suggestions on air fresheners to invite customers in, resulted in a very positive customer engagement.
Aimee Carpenter
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Fikes came to the rescue when we had an employee diagnosed with COVID-19 at the office. For the safety of our staff, we contracted with Fikes to disinfect our warehouse and office. They contacted me quickly, scheduled the job and completed the service all within 48 hours of the initial incident. Thank you Fikes!
Jodi Elliott
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Always willing to give helpful advice on how to solve a “pest” issue. Whether on the phone or in person the staff is always courteous, friendly, and prompt. I’ve used their cleaning and paper products for years. Very affordable, great quality, and easy to work with! They stand behind their products and service. It’s a company with a heart! Highly suggest!
Gina Lane
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I highly recommend Fikes Pest Control. I have had a few other pest companies in the past for personal as well as my client business with Coldwell Banker and Fikes Pest is the best by far! Amazing customer service, friendly staff (Mark is our pest inspector) who is highly capable and trustworthy as well as great problem solver for any situation. The cost is a great value compared to other companies that has not brought the same important factor and customer service to the table.

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