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Why Fikes?

We Provide Premium Commercial Odor Control & Scenting Services For Less

Everyone wants to be able to walk into a facility and smell an amazing aroma when they get through the door. Sometimes it can be hard for facilities to manage the smell of their office space or apartment complex without some extra help from odor control & scenting services. This is where Fikes comes in.

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Enjoy Full-Service Commercial Scenting & Odor control Services

It’s important to find commercial scenting services that fit your facility’s environment’s needs and atmosphere. With our skilled team of professionals who have an extensive understanding of commercial scenting, your facility will have the perfect aroma to keep your customers happy.

Our services are offered in Seattle, Tacoma, Everett and Olympia, Federal Way cities in the Puget Sound region of Washington; Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington in the Portland region; Denver and surrounding areas in Colorado.




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Scent is the strongest sense

Our scenting & odor control services will help you create a pleasant atmosphere. The scent will help influence the mood of your customers, increasing overall satisfaction and even sales. A place that smells good is simply a more inviting place.

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Why Fikes scenting Odor removal Services Solutions?

Evidence has shown that scent the subtle but essential part of the marketing strategy. It is actively used in apartment complexes, properties, and retail environments to create the right mood.

Now with our advanced technology, it’s become affordable for your business or home to get quality odor control services.

No Equipment to Purchase

No equipment to purchase and maintain – all deodorizer units are furnished with service. Equipment is maintained at no charge.

We Help With Every Step of the Way

We will assist with proper fragrance choice, adjustments, and placement of the unit to achieve maximum coverage.

Removing Odors, Not Masking

No masking or perfuming. Sustained odor control involves products that eliminate odors as opposed to masking them – Fikes can help.

Scent connects us

Scent marketing for your next level growth

With the use of scent, more than any of our senses, we create lasting memories and impressions. Having a pleasant smell available is the best and first way to make a positive lasting impression. Foul odors also have a very memorable negative impression but for all the wrong reasons.

Fikes will help eliminate odors and create a pleasant scenting strategy for your facility to create positive lasting impressions to keep employees happy, and customers, as well as clients, coming back for more. With our experienced team, you’ll be able to work with one of the leading commercial scenting companies in the industry.

Increase Sales
Elevate Mood
Enhance Your Brand
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