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Fikes provides commercial scenting services for businesses and properties. Having a clean smelling building that is pleasant to your customers and employees is a crucial step in creating a great environment.
The right scent can help make it or break it.  Our solutions will be incorporated into the building and feel just like a natural part of the environment. 
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Full-Service Commercial Scenting services in Bellevue, WA

Just as a great location and quality products can help ensure the success of your business, so does a positive customer experience. When it comes to creating this positive experience, we know the sense of smell holds the most influence. This is why we offer commercial scenting services to businesses and properties in the Seattle, WA area.
Professional commercial scenting services can help increase operational efficiency, increase sales, and more. Our philosophy is to create a pleasant environment by introducing the right smell. A pleasant environment will make a visit to your business a more enjoyable experience for customers.



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Why Fikes scenting Odor removal Services Solutions?

No Equipment to Purchase

No equipment to purchase and maintain – all deodorizer units are furnished with service. Equipment is maintained at no charge.

We Help With Every Step of the Way

We will assist with proper fragrance choice, adjustments, and placement of the unit to achieve maximum coverage.

Removing Odors, Not Masking

No masking or perfuming. Sustained odor control involves products that eliminate odors as opposed to masking them – Fikes can help.

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Commercial Scenting for your business & property in Bellevue, WA

We know that scent can make or break your business and the way people perceive your brand. By using Fikes’ commercial scenting services, your establishment in Bellevue, WA will be able to attract more people in and keep them coming back. Our goal is to make sure your brand stays strong through the power of scent.
No one has the expertise and experience that Fikes delivers. Our unique scenting systems are designed to amplify the scents to make your facility more comfortable, appealing, and inviting. Let us cut your costs and increase your ROI.
Increase Sales
Elevate Mood
Enhance Your Brand
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