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Many people think of small companies and start-ups using things like plug-in air freshers to help brand the store or restaurant. However, it is much bigger than that. Some of the larger companies, especially those in the hospitality, retail, residential properties, and service industries, are starting to use scent marketing to help boost sales. It has been found that businesses often experience increased sales, as well as greater occupancy and retention rates when they take advantage of commercial scenting services.
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Commercial Scenting services in Tukwila, WA

Scent strengthens the brand and impacts the way people perceive your business. An appealing ambient scent created with professional commercial scenting service will help enhance the brand experience, build customer loyalty, and increase sales.
Creating a custom scent for your business is an easy way to enhance the customer experience and differentiate your brand. A pleasing scent transports customers back to their first experience with your brand and enhances that path of memory association. Customers are more likely to return, spend more money, and refer their friends when they have a pleasant scent experience with your brand.



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Why Fikes scenting Odor removal Services Solutions?

No Equipment to Purchase

No equipment to purchase and maintain – all deodorizer units are furnished with service. Equipment is maintained at no charge.

We Help With Every Step of the Way

We will assist with proper fragrance choice, adjustments, and placement of the unit to achieve maximum coverage.

Removing Odors, Not Masking

No masking or perfuming. Sustained odor control involves products that eliminate odors as opposed to masking them – Fikes can help.

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Create emotional connectiions with Commercial scenting in Tukwila, WA

Our goal is to make sure your brand stays strong through the power of scent. As a leading commercial scenting service provider in the Tukwila, WA area, we have an extensive history in the scenting industry. Our professional team brings over 20 years of commercial scenting service experience to each scent design we create.
We use only the best quality aroma products to produce the highest-quality scents for your business. Our team has the expertise to help you choose the right scents for your establishment. There is a long list of happy clients who have seen the benefits of commercial scenting services.
We offer installation of commercial scenting systems, or you can choose to use our self-service program that allows you to refill the dispensers as they run out.
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Enhance Your Brand
Commercial Scenting services in tukwila, washington


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