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Scent marketing has been around for centuries, and yet it’s only recently that many businesses and organizations have begun to take advantage of its power. It’s hard to deny the effect that certain scents can have on mood, even on your own. The scent is one of the few senses that many companies are using to increase their sales, retention, and occupancy. Change your customers’ perception of your brand. Increase the likelihood they will return to a business again.
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Commercial Scenting services in Everett, WA

Businesses big and small understand the importance of a positive customer experience. This is why more and more of them provide exceptional customer service and create a great brand experience by pairing their services and products with commercial scenting. Scent helps optimize the experience your customers get. It will increase sales, reinforce brand identity, and build a positive image of your establishment.
Studies have shown that scent works best at creating an emotional connection with consumers. Subtle scents will increase operational efficiency by improving concentration or alertness amongst employees, and by reducing errors in the workplace.



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Why Fikes scenting Odor removal Services Solutions?

No Equipment to Purchase

No equipment to purchase and maintain – all deodorizer units are furnished with service. Equipment is maintained at no charge.

We Help With Every Step of the Way

We will assist with proper fragrance choice, adjustments, and placement of the unit to achieve maximum coverage.

Removing Odors, Not Masking

No masking or perfuming. Sustained odor control involves products that eliminate odors as opposed to masking them – Fikes can help.

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Create emotional connectiions with Commercial scenting in Everett, WA

The power of scent is real. Whether it’s perfume, your favorite food, or the way people perceive a brand can be heavily influenced by how it smells. A relaxing scent can immediately put people at ease and give them an experience they won’t forget, while a foul odor can turn people away before they even open the door.
Our goal is to make sure your brand stays strong through the power of scent. As a leading commercial scenting service, we want to take the time to understand what your goals are to create a unique scenting solution that will drive. With more than 20 years of experience, we know how to create a signature scent for your business while maintaining a balance between pleasing both employees and clients in Everett, WA.
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Commercial scenting in Everett, WA
everett, wa commercial scenting services


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