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Maintaining the image of your multi-family community is our #1 goal at Fikes. From how it looks to how it smells, these factors play a big part in new resident referrals, renter retention, and the overall satisfaction of your property’s residents. 
A lack of staff, time, or budget can stand in the way of a consistently maintained facility. This is a serious issue that facility maintenance professionals regularly face. A partnership with Fikes can alleviate these pain points.

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Why Do Multi-Family Professionals Like Fikes?

For more than 20 years, Fikes has been recognized as the most comprehensive multi-family service provider for a variety of apartment homes and property management professionals. You can count on our unique approach to consistently save your multi-family communities valuable time, reduce significant costs, and enhance your property’s image. Fikes is a multi-family facility services expert in scenting, trash chute cleaning, pest control, deep floor cleaning, pet pad cleaning, and all types of odor removal. Additionally, Fikes has over 3,000 high-quality, reasonably priced products in stock at local warehouses near you ready to be delivered to your multi-family properties.  

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