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Maintaining the image of your multi-family community is our #1 goal at Fikes. From how it looks to how it smells, these factors play a big part in new resident referrals, renter retention, and the overall satisfaction of your property’s residents. 
A lack of staff, time, or budget can stand in the way of a consistently maintained facility. This is a serious issue that facility maintenance professionals regularly face. A partnership with Fikes can alleviate these pain points.

The Fikes Promise 

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Why Do Multi-Family Professionals Like Fikes?

For more than 20 years, Fikes has been recognized as the most comprehensive multi-family service provider for a variety of apartment homes and property management professionals. You can count on our unique approach to consistently save your multi-family communities valuable time, reduce significant costs, and enhance your property’s image. Fikes is a multi-family facility services expert in scenting, trash chute cleaning, pest control, deep floor cleaning, pet pad cleaning, and all types of odor removal. Additionally, Fikes has over 3,000 high-quality, reasonably priced products in stock at local warehouses near you ready to be delivered to your multi-family properties.  

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Save Time

Time is a valuable resource. Fikes helps property management professionals and multi-family properties save time by:

  • Increasing the capacity of your maintenance personnel teams through our scenting, trash chute, pet pad, and deep cleaning services
  • Providing inventory management, eliminating the task of managing par levels and placing orders in-house
  • Being one company who provides multiple solutions  — No need to source other service providers

Reduce Costs

Our longstanding status as the most comprehensive service provider for the multi-family housing industry has helped align us with property manager’s cost reduction goals. We work closely with multi-family professionals, taking a property’s budget into consideration. 

We offer more services for properties than any other vendor in the Northwest and Greater Denver, Colorado, and many of our services are tailored to multi-family properties and professionals. Our ability to help properties with multiple needs enables multi-family management teams to reduce costs by working  with fewer service vendors.

Enhance Image

We know that a property manager’s goals directly relate to resident retention and occupancy rates. Our multi-family services focus on enhancing the image of your property, to the delight of your residents; helping you maintain higher occupancy rates. First impressions are important. If a potential renter walks into an apartment building and is met with foul odors, sub-par products, dirty common spaces, and pests, chances are they will walk away. Even if a property has desirable amenities, a negative first impression makes it harder for renters to focus on the positives.

Our image-enhancing services are made with the goal of bringing the renters to you: 

  • Scenting & Odor Control services that make a positive first impression
  • Trash Chute, Pet Pad & Deep Floor Cleaning services to get rid of odors 
  • Pest Control services to keep insects and rodents away with a customized approach that fits your property’s needs



Scenting & Odor Control

Scenting & Odor Control

    • Consultation to determine the needs of your property, optimal unit placement, and fragrance preferences
    • Installation of state-of-the-art Bluetooth-powered scenting units and highly effective wall-mounted air deodorizing units with minimal install fees
    • Consistent maintenance of scenting and air deodorizing units by Fikes Certified Technicians every four weeks – Set it and forget it!
    • You can request a fragrance change prior to your next appointment
Pest Control

Pest Control

  • Thorough consultation with a licensed Fikes Pest Control Technician to determine the best treatment program for active pest issues, and prevent future pest infestations
  • Installation of exterior rodent bait stations for effective pest control 
  • Consistent, effective treatment tailored to your needs
  • Detailed logging by your pest technician on each visit to track the results of your treatment program
  • Clear communication and regular check-ins with your Fikes Pest Control Technician to discuss findings, current pest activity, and potential needs for interior treatment
  • In addition to rodent control, treatments are available for ants, bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, spiders, stinging insects and more
Deep Floor Cleaning

Deep Floor Cleaning

  • In-depth walkthrough of spaces where cleaning is needed to determine the optimal maintenance program for your floors or carpet
  • Extraction of dirt and grease by Fikes Certified Technicians utilizing commercial-grade equipment and cleaners
  • Stain removal
  • Sealing, stripping, recovery & dying services
Pet Pad Cleaning

Pet Pad Cleaning

  • Power washing of entire pet pad or dog park area to extract debris
  • Focused detail cleaning in high-traffic areas
  • Spraying an odor-eliminating enzyme that starts working on contact
Trash Chute Cleaning

Trash Chute Cleaning

  • In-depth walkthrough of your property’s trash rooms and compactor rooms to determine the optimal trash chute maintenance program
  • Detailed scheduling process to ensure you can communicate with your residents ahead of time when your trash chutes will be out of commission
  • Full-service deep clean of trash chute doors and interior trash chutes
  • Extraction of debris and build-up on chute doors through the use of commercial power washing equipment 
  • Application of special enzymes to fight odor-causing bacteria
  • Use of a custom, rotating turbo power washing head to clean the inside of the trash chute, from top to bottom. We’re equipped to clean any property size, from mid-rise buildings to skyscrapers


Most frequent questions and answers

Fikes has been named the most comprehensive vendor in the industry because our services are tailor-made to multi-family properties. 
We are the leaders in high-quality scenting, pest control, trash chute, and other deep cleaning services, pet pad cleaning, pressure washing, and more. Our services are designed to support your property’s needs.

If you need to communicate with your Fikes representative,  feel free to contact our Client Success Team by phone, e-mail, or text. We will communicate your needs to your representative.

Client Success Phone Number: (800) 900-1083
Client Success Email:
Client Success Text Line: (253) 352-2225

This will vary by service type and the needs of your property. The majority of our scenting and odor control services take place every 28 days, whereas trash chute or floor deep cleaning services can be as infrequent as quarterly. 

For properties seeking general cleaning services in common areas, we have frequencies of multiple times per week. We also have day porter services available.

Preventative pest control services are typically on a frequency of every 28 days, unless there are escalated pest infestations or sightings. Our team will respond quickly to increase needed frequencies in the short term. 

Overall, the variety of services and frequencies will be based upon your preferences and the needs of your property.

Your assigned representative will be Fikes Team Members or direct employees, not subcontractors. Fikes personnel are trained representatives and technicians who are certified in cleaning procedures, pest control, product knowledge, and inventory management.

In addition to our wall-mounted air deodorizers, we offer a wide range of state-of-the-art Bluetooth-powered oil diffusing units. These units combat odors and create pleasant scenting experiences in a variety of spaces, from 300 sq. ft. to over 50,000 sq. ft. This allows small areas such as stubborn-smelling trash rooms, slightly larger model residences, common areas or large hallways or entryways to be scented or odor-neutralized effectively.   

Our Fikes Certified Technicians work with you to determine the preferred scent for your property, along with an optimal odor-neutralizing solution for tough odors, whether it’s food, pet, or smoke related.

We provide scenting and odor control solutions for a variety of areas. Examples include hallways and corridors, trash rooms, leasing offices, gyms, and large amenity spaces.

Yes. The fragrances we use for all odor control and scenting services are derived from high-quality essential oils and aromatic ingredients. All of our fragrance offerings are in compliance with the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) standards. They conform to currently established regulations limiting diffusion to low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Our products and diffusion systems are in a variety of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) buildings and are approved for use in childcare facilities, hospitals, and senior living communities.

Yes. Fikes is a master distributor with over 3,000 different product SKUs that represent different equipment manufacturers. We also carry numerous products in stock in our local West Coast warehouses. If for some reason we don’t have the product or equipment in stock at the time of your request, we will source them for you in no time flat..

Clearing and repairing trash chutes is not a service we currently offer. However, we’re always happy to refer you to a reputable company who specializes in trash chute repairs.

Yes. We are enrolled in various platforms, such as Vendor Credentialing, NetVendor, VendorCafe, and RMIS. All of our insurance and compliance documents are housed within those systems, and we are a preferred vendor for many property management companies. 

If you don’t see us in your system, please contact our Accounts Receivable Team at We are insured on the majority of platforms for hundreds of different property management groups.

Yes. We currently upload invoices for several property management companies through VendorCafe, Ops Technology, and Nexus. An invitation can be sent to for us to complete the enrollment and upload your invoices to the portal your property uses.


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