Top 3 Pests in Restaurants

Top 3 Pests in Restaurants | Common Food Pests | Pest Control Solutions

Restaurants, commercial kitchens, and many other businesses in the food industry have a huge responsibility for protecting the health of the public. They have to make sure the food and ingredients used are not contaminated by pests and pest-born diseases. Plus, the legislation specifically outlines that businesses that do a lot of food handling must proactively take anti-pest measures to keep products safe for consumption.

Aside from messing with the food products, pests have a huge impact on the look, reputation, and business itself. No one wants scared customers and litigation from the public or authorities! That is why you have to think about proactive measures to prevent pests from coming through your door.

What are the top 3 pests that are so common in the food production (and not only there) world?


Rats and mice are the most common pests that infest restaurants, kitchens, cafes, and many other food service businesses. Rats and mice are dangerous because they cause damage to both building’s fixtures and electrical equipment due to their nesting habits, and the ability to eat through almost anything.

Rodents can not only eat all the food products but even the packaging and containers which will further escalate your losses. Additionally, rodents are famous for carrying many unpleasant diseases that NO ONE wants to get.

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Cockroaches are the most common type of insects that infest facilities and establishments that produce or serve food. Cockroaches are sheltering in the daytime and coming out at night to find food and other sites for shelter. They usually spend their time in dark places such as cracks, drains, sewers, inside equipment, and furnishings – basically anywhere where there is the right temperature and humidity for them to live in. Many of these places are very hard to reach with unspecialized equipment.

Cockroaches carry all kinds of diseases, eat anything and reproduce quickly – and they also hide very well considering their small size – which makes them a huge problem if not taking under control.
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Flies are another big issue for the food industry and restaurants. Many of them – fruit flies, drain flies – are attracted by food and other products. Flies carry many pathogens and can contaminate food, cooking utensils, and even food production equipment.

So what can I do?

Regular sanitation, cleaning, and monitoring of food products and their condition can help you minimize the risk of pest infestation. Of course, do not forget to contact your specialists to get a piece of advice!


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