3 Steps to Take Before Reopening Your Facility

3 Steps to Take Before Reopening Your Facility | COVID-19 Advice | Fikes

Many states begin to open up and ease stay-at-home restrictions, while shuttered nonessential businesses begin to reopen. The journey towards the new normal begins, but with COVID19 still in place, many business and building owners are trying to figure out the best way of keeping their teams and customers safe. That’s where disinfection, sanitation and posted guidelines for re-opening come to mind.

Step 1. Prepare

  • Confirm your budget. Ensure you have the budget for necessary cleaning products and tools, as well as staff required to implement the desired cleaning and disinfection protocols. 

Step 2. Update your protocols and policies

Clear and effective policies are needed to maintain a high-quality cleaning and disinfecting program for any businesses at any time. The only upside to the current situation with COVID19, is that people try to find out more about the difference between cleaning and disinfection. Some fundamental pieces of high-quality and effective disinfection procedures needed are as follows:

  • Written cleaning & disinfection program policy

Cleaning & disinfection program policies must outline how often procedures will be reviewed and updated, what kinds of procedures must be in place, frequency of training and feedback of procedures.

  • Clear and detailed everyday preventative procedures

1)      Each procedure should include what surfaces need to be cleaned, who is responsible for each area, and the products to be used to clean each surface.

2)      Product directions of use, contact time, and details on how to prevent cross-contamination

3)      Every procedure has to be updated every time a new product is introduced or a different, better practice is identified.

4)      Include some public health basics such as washing hands, staying home when sick and the responsibility of building occupants to help cleaning and disinfecting their surroundings.

  • Outbreak preparedness procedure

Ensure you have outbreak preparedness plan in place for when such viruses like COVID19 may be present in your facility. It should cover the extra measures that need to be taken. It may include: educate employees on how the virus spreads, symptoms, correct PPE to wear and changed to products used, frequency of disinfecting and sanitizing.

  • Spotlight on products

Make sure that disinfectants and sanitizers you use are EPA-approved. If you had to switch to a different product – research manufacturers website or contact them directly to find out if it is an EPA registered.

Step 3. Execute the strategy

  • Do check-ins with staff to ensure the expectations for the strategy are met.

  • Bring awareness – put all knowledge into practice and make sure everyone knows what is done to protect the occupants and visitors in your office.


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