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Commercial Restroom & Floor deep cleaning Services

Your floors will look better and last longer with us. Our professional commercial Restroom & Floor Deep deep cleaning services will work for any flooring. Whether you’re looking for a one-time deep clean, or multiple cleanings over the course of the year, you will find the cleaning services you need.

Our deep cleaning specialists have unmatched expertise, use the best, most effective products along with innovative technology and equipment that modern businesses need to keep floors looking their best and safe for everyone year after year.

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Many people may not know this, but floors need regular deep cleaning and care to maintain the same great appearance and reduce wear. While the typical cleaning that people do is helpful in making sure the place looks nice, a deeper cleaning is required to keep the floors in good quality.

As much as any other surface in a facility, floors quickly trigger a customer’s perception of whether your establishment is dirty or clean. Fikes deep cleaning will increase your brand image and drive sales.


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Why Fikes?

Extend the life of your floors with Fikes Deep Cleaning Services

Dirt builds up in tile and grout, which subsequently harbors the growth of harmful bacteria. In turn, it can be tracked throughout your facility leading to other unhealthy situations. Extend the life of your floor and improve the safety and sanitation of your facility.

Create confidence in clients and customers as well as avoid the need for costly renovations with professional commercial deep cleaning.

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Restroom Deep Cleaning

Professional Commercial Restroom Deep Cleaning Services

Restrooms are the best place for many harmful bacteria to grow and replicate. They can live on any surface and live under extreme conditions. Even the cleanest surface might be filled with pathogens and germs.

Fikes offers several facility services to our customers that address their sanitation requests and impact their business operations and customer impressions.

Our services are offered in Seattle, Tacoma, Everett and Olympia, Federal Way cities in the Puget Sound region of Washington; Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington in the Portland region; Denver and surrounding areas in Colorado.

How we do it

Our floor Deep cleaning approach

Inspect & Prepare

Inspect & Prepare

We will inspect the floor, outlines the best plan of action, prepare and connect our equipment.


We'll apply a special solution to dissolve any grease and oils from the floor surface.


With special equipment, we'll deep clean your floor to remove dirt, grime, stains, and more.

Floor Finishing

Floor Finishing

We'll apply an appropriate floor finish to make itt stand out while protecting and extending its life.


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