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Commercial Restroom Sanitation Cleaning

What can be a higher priority than the cleanliness and safety of your restrooms? While we may not spend much time in the bathroom, it still requires a high level of cleanliness. A restaurant, office or any other establishment can look amazing and smell clean.

However, the lack of actual sanitation and cleanliness in restrooms can seriously damage your image and lead to losing your customers.
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We Take Care of Your bathrooms

Our best-in-class commercial sanitation services will provide a vital element to keep your building safe from bacteria and germs. Moreover, further enhancing your image by presenting a clean, well maintained, and organized appearance.

When you choose us as your commercial cleaning and sanitation service, you are assuring your employee’s and customers’ health which will also enhance your image as a business. We don’t just make your restrooms look clean—we disinfect and sanitize every surface with our high-quality disinfectants approved by EPA.

Our services are offered in Seattle, Tacoma, Everett and Olympia, Federal Way cities in the Puget Sound region of Washington; Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington in the Portland region; Denver and surrounding areas in Colorado.


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Commercial Cleaning

We provide restroom cleaning & Sanitation

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We Will Make Daily Maintenance Easier

Your staff will be able to maintain daily cleanliness with less time spent on the actual cleaning.

We will do all the heavy lifting with our sanitation service.

Fikes Sanitation & Janitorial
We Sanitize Surfaces

We use EPA registered disinfectants and solutions to properly sanitize every surface while leaving clean and amazing smell.

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High Pressure Cleaning

We use special machine that removes build-up that brushes can’t reach, and eliminates the need to touch contaminated surfaces.

Professional Restroom Cleaning
We Bring Knowledge & Equipment

Eliminate your need to stock expensive and hard to store equipment like pressure washers and cleaning machines.

Why Fikes?

Get your public restrooms under control with Fikes Sanitation & cleaning

Germs love restrooms but we certainly don’t love germs. That is why we have made it our duty to organize a team of skilled specialists who understand how to provide top-quality commercial restroom cleaning services. Restrooms are the best place for many harmful bacteria to grow and replicate.

They can live on any surface and live under extreme conditions. Even the cleanest surface might be filled with pathogens and germs. That is why it is essential to have adequate sanitation and cleaning measures implemented. With us, you can ensure that every square inch of your restroom will be cleaned and sanitized to keep your customers and employees healthy.



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