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Why commercial Restroom sanitaiton

What can be the higher priority than the cleanliness and safety of your bathrooms?
Our best-in-class, commercial sanitation services will provide a vital element to keep your building safe from bacteria and germs. Moreover, further enhancing your image by presenting a clean, well kept, and organized appearance. 
When you choose us as your commercial cleaning and sanitation service, you are assuring your employees and customers’ health as well as enhancing your image. We don’t just make your restrooms look clean—we disinfect and sanitize every surface with our high-quality disinfectants approved by EPA.

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Restrooms are the best place for many harmful bacteria to grow and replicate. They can live on any surface and live under extreme conditions. Even the cleanest surface might be filled with pathogens and germs. That is why it is important to have adequate sanitation and cleaning measures implemented.

Key Commercial Janitorial sanitation features

Janitorial & Sanitation Services
We Will Make Daily Maintenance Easier

Your staff will be able to maintain daily cleanliness with less time spent on the actual cleaning.

We will do all the heavy lifting with our sanitation service.

Fikes Sanitation & Janitorial
We Sanitize Surfaces

We use EPA registered disinfectants and solutions to properly sanitize every surface while leaving clean and amazing smell.

Fikes Restroom Cleaning
High Pressure Cleaning

We use special machine that removes build-up that brushes can’t reach, and eliminates the need to touch contaminated surfaces.

Professional Restroom Cleaning
We Bring Knowledge & Equipment

Eliminate your need to stock expensive and hard to store equipment like pressure washers and cleaning machines.

Commercial Restroom Sanitation

Commercial Sanitation Services
Commercial Restroom Disinfection



We sanitize and clean every surface that harbors germs and bacteria.


No more odors because we eliminate the primary source.


Killing 99.9999% of germs and viruses at the source. 

Clean Floors

Top to bottom Premium Care of restrooms addressing floors, walls, partitions and deep cleaning of all areas in the restroom with a vacuum extraction.

Fikes Disinfection & Sanitization Services

The overall look, smell and cleanliness of your restrooms convey your image as much as any facet of your business.  Fikes was founded on enhancing the image of your business through clean and sanitized restrooms.  Our approach is what sets us apart.

What Our Clients say about us

Jason Morgan
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Fikes is top local company. Time and time again no matter if its our sales rep or the local management they step it up with the best customer service in the industry. If only all local or national companies were as great as Fikes..
Kevin Maude
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We have used Fikes for a number of years. Their service level is unbelievable and amazing. They truly want to find solutions that help make your business better. On top of making sure it is presentable and healthy. Offering suggestions on air fresheners to invite customers in, resulted in a very positive customer engagement.
Aimee Carpenter
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Fikes came to the rescue when we had an employee diagnosed with COVID-19 at the office. For the safety of our staff, we contracted with Fikes to disinfect our warehouse and office. They contacted me quickly, scheduled the job and completed the service all within 48 hours of the initial incident. Thank you Fikes!
Jodi Elliott
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Always willing to give helpful advice on how to solve a “pest” issue. Whether on the phone or in person the staff is always courteous, friendly, and prompt. I’ve used their cleaning and paper products for years. Very affordable, great quality, and easy to work with! They stand behind their products and service. It’s a company with a heart! Highly suggest!
Gina Lane
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I highly recommend Fikes Pest Control. I have had a few other pest companies in the past for personal as well as my client business with Coldwell Banker and Fikes Pest is the best by far! Amazing customer service, friendly staff (Mark is our pest inspector) who is highly capable and trustworthy as well as great problem solver for any situation. The cost is a great value compared to other companies that has not brought the same important factor and customer service to the table.

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