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Professional & Commercial Restroom Deep Cleaning Services

Restrooms are visited by countless people every day. As a reputable company, it is up to you to provide a clean and sanitary restroom for every employee, guest or potential customer. People appreciate a clean restroom and will come back again if it is kept in good condition.

Choose Fikes and take your restrooms deep cleaning to the next level of cleanliness. You will be impressed with our work.

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Our Restroom Deep Cleaning services

The proper maintenance of a restroom is not always at the top of everyone’s to-do list. Most people focus on basic cleaning to keep their restrooms sanitary. But neglecting your facilities can lead to anything from an infestation to a building-wide emergency. 

We can help drive repeat business by ensuring that you are providing excellent work to your clients regularly. A deep-clean service requires more than sending your employees into the facilities to clean. It involves using standardized cleaning products, tools, and techniques that will thoroughly clean your restrooms.

Regularly restroom deep cleaning  services will improve the overall appearance of your building. Maintaining a good level of cleanliness is essential.

Top 4 reasons to deep clean your restrooms:

professional & commercial deep cleaning services
Restroom Deep Cleaning

Why choose Fikes for Professional & Commercial Restroom Deep Cleaning Services

At Fikes, we offer professional & commercial deep cleaning for your restroom facilities. We are ranked as the best restroom deep cleaning company across Seattle, Portland, Denver, and Puget Sound. We provide the fastest and most affordable deep cleaning services in town with the latest techniques and EPA-approved sanitizers and cleaners. 

Ensuring that your facility is pristine for your guests is an important task but can also be painstaking and tedious. Fikes takes care of this for you so anyone that enters your property will be amazed.


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