5 Reasons Public Restrooms Can Be a Complete Turnoff

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Public toilets are an uneasy topic for polite discussion because the words “public” and “toilet” is quite uncomfortable for most people. They reinforce the predicament we as humans have, of having to perform a very personal act in the presence of total strangers. People often freak out about public restrooms, and not entirely without a cause.

Usually, a clean restroom will only evoke positive emotions and feelings about your business. However, the outcome of a dirty one will be far more impactful: most of us will equate the cleanliness of a restroom with that of an entire business. It does not matter what business it is – a restroom will always have the maximum impact. Well-cleaned and always maintained restrooms lead to better and much happier customer interaction. In turn, this will dramatically reduce the chances of getting a bad review which will ruin your reputation. Even one bad review left by a person online will discourage any future visitors to your business. So why there is a problem with public restrooms?

General restroom reasons for a high turn off:
  • General bad odor in restrooms – 78%
  • Dirty toilets, sinks, walls and more – 66%
  • Dirty surfaces in restrooms – 65%
Dirty restroom surfaces.

The dirtiest places in the public bathrooms are those that touched a lot more than others. For example, the flush mechanism if it is not automated. Other high touch areas such as doors, faucets, even dispensers, and sinks. People with dirty hands must turn on a faucet, which automatically contaminates it by the many unwashed hands of previous users. Watch out too for the levers on those manual soap dispensers, especially if you have added some water, which transforms your washing liquid into the pathogenic soup.

Dirty and stained toilets and toilet seats.

Dirty toilets and toilet seats are some of the major reasons people try to avoid public restrooms. They usually have so many germs on and in them that it is quite dangerous to just use it without any previous disinfection. Especially, if the toilet is very stained and dirty. You can also line the seat with toilet paper, but try not to touch it in the process. Be mindful, that the paper you line the seat with may also have germs on it, because the last time the toilet was flushed, it probably put lots of germs from the toilet into the air. Some of them may have settled on the paper you’re using! In light of this information, you may be inclined to simply hold it until you get home.

Dirty floors

While anyone should avoid touching any surface in a public restroom, there is another surface that is filled with microbes and dirt – which not only sounds bad but looks even worse. If you dropped something on the floor – you have to disinfect it immediately! If the toilet paper is on the floor – no one should even touch it without gloves and even more so – not use it. There is no compromising the need for clean floors in public restrooms to promote your facility’s positive impression as well as a sense of health and safety to its users. Due to the fact that many business owners and managers are saturated with responsibilities during their workday, the conditions of their restrooms can be (and often are) overlooked even though failing to maintain them can lead to costly repairs. That’s where we can help, as bathroom maintenance is our only concern. Our superior products and services are the best on the market today.

Dirty walls

The interior walls of public restroom stalls are among the dirtiest places in any restroom. It gets really nasty, when particles of fecal or any other organic matter become airborne, land everywhere, especially on the interior walls of stalls, and are rarely if ever cleaned. It happens all the time after people flush toilets. We know, it is gross – that is why we pressure wash walls with special chemicals.

Bathroom Odors

A bad smell is a top complaint about nearly 80 percent of people who have had an unpleasant public restroom experience. If a restroom smells bad, users will perceive it as dirty. For the majority of public restrooms, the source of the bad odor is urine, which is caused by bacteria that have grown by using urine as a food source. Understanding the conditions that cause restroom odors will help managers devise a strategy to successfully remove them and prevent their return. Enlisting the help of our specialty bathroom products and services may be required to initiate a program that will eradicate these malodors.

How can you keep your business clean?

Dedicated to promoting superior bathroom hygiene, our comprehensive program includes professional restroom sanitation, deep cleaning, and great products. This ensures that your company’s restrooms are protected against germs and viruses. Any successful business makes a name for itself when it prioritizes restroom cleaning. This not only communicates to users that a business cares about its customers and personnel, but it also promotes health and safety and minimizes expensive repairs.

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