Multifamily Property

How a multifamily community looks, smells and is maintained have all been proven factors toward optimized occupancy rates, new resident referrals, renter retention and an overall happiness survey score by anyone associated with the multifamily community.  

However, ensuring that every aspect of a facility is addressed consistently happens to be one of the bigger challenges that facility maintenance leaders face whether it’s a shortage of staff, lack of time or even budget.

After over two decades Fikes has been given the designation as the most complete Multi Family Service Provider. Multi Family Communities are able to effectively consolidate and save time, costs and frustrations by offering a variety of necessary services busy property’s need.  Fikes has expertise in services such as trash chute cleaning, scenting, pest control various types of and deep cleaning.  Fikes also has over 3,000 quality and competitive priced products available in stock that busy properties need.    

Contact Fikes for an assessment of how we can help your property save time, reduce costs and enhance the image of your multi family property.   

ambient scenting services company. “We also play an important role in making a first impression when a prospective renter walks in, and that’s an important objective for our clients.”

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