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Rodent Contraception

Effective Rodent Pest control starts with us | Rat Birth Control

Just two mating rats can multiply the population by 15,000 within one year, making it difficult to maintain control of rodent infestations. Population growth like this can lead to continued infrastructure damage and product loss.

Pest Management

Rodent (Rat) Population Control is the answer.

Fikes has a liquid contraceptive bait, works by chemically reducing fertility in both male and female rats and rodents. 




Percent Rodent Population Reduction

Seamless & Easy

How it works.

Fikes rodent or pest contraception solution works while you do what really matters to you. Don’t need to spend your valuable time “hunting” rodents or pest on your own.

No Rebound Effect

Get Pests (Rodent) Under Control. Forever.

While there are many rodent (pest) control tools designed to bring rat populations down quickly, without fertility control, survivors can reproduce, rebounding the population back to its initial size within 3 to 6 months.

Bring rat or pest populations down and keep them down with fertility control.

Integrating our revolutionary rodent fertility control solution can
help keep populations down and stop the rebound effect.

Fikes Rodent Population Control


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