rodent Population Control

A pair of rodents can become 15,000 in a matter of 1 year.
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Rodents Love It

  • It’s Liquid:
    Rats need to consume 10% of their body weight in liquid each day.
  • Appealing Bait:
    Our sweet and fatty bait is designed to be attractive to rats even when other food sources are present.
  • Combat Bait Aversion:
    Rats do not show adverse affects after consuming ContraPest, meaning bait aversion is less of an issue.

Proactive, Not Reactive

  • We target a source of infestations…reproduction, treating the entire population, not just the individual rat.
  • Our solution minimizes the chance of populations rebounding after successful treatment, giving you confidence your rat infestation is under control.

You Will Love It

  • Peace of Mind:
    Studies have shown no behavioral changes or illness in rats, reducing risk of predation and secondary exposure.
  • No Accumulation Effect:
    Reduced risk in non-targets due to low concentrations of the actives and short half-life.

Rat Reproduction

Just two mating rats can multiply the population by 15,000 within one year, making it difficult to maintain control of rodent infestations.Population growth like this can lead to continued infrastructure damage and product loss.

ContraPest, a liquid contraceptive bait, works by chemically reducing fertility in both male and female rats and rodents. 

How it works

Step 1: Bait stations are placed in the foraging locations using bait to confirm consumption. 

Control bait is replaced with ContraPest when consumption is confirmed.

Step 2 25 %

Rats repeatedly consume ContraPest immediately reducing their fertility.

Step 3 50 %

Rat populations decrease, minimizing the rebound effect.

Step 4 75 %

Populations continue to decrease, fewer bait stations are needed. 

Step 5 100 %

Rodent Fertility Control is the answer

While there are many rodent control tools designed to bring rat populations down quickly, without fertility control, survivors can reproduce, rebounding the population back to its initial size within 3 to 6 months.

Bring rat populations down and keep them down with fertility control.
Integrating our revolutionary rodent fertility control solution can help keep populations down and stop the rebound effect.

What Our Customers Say

Jason Morgan
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Fikes is top local company. Time and time again no matter if its our sales rep or the local management they step it up with the best customer service in the industry. If only all local or national companies were as great as Fikes..
Kevin Maude
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We have used Fikes for a number of years. Their service level is unbelievable and amazing. They truly want to find solutions that help make your business better. On top of making sure it is presentable and healthy. Offering suggestions on air fresheners to invite customers in, resulted in a very positive customer engagement.
Aimee Carpenter
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Fikes came to the rescue when we had an employee diagnosed with COVID-19 at the office. For the safety of our staff, we contracted with Fikes to disinfect our warehouse and office. They contacted me quickly, scheduled the job and completed the service all within 48 hours of the initial incident. Thank you Fikes!
Jodi Elliott
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Always willing to give helpful advice on how to solve a “pest” issue. Whether on the phone or in person the staff is always courteous, friendly, and prompt. I’ve used their cleaning and paper products for years. Very affordable, great quality, and easy to work with! They stand behind their products and service. It’s a company with a heart! Highly suggest!
Gina Lane
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I highly recommend Fikes Pest Control. I have had a few other pest companies in the past for personal as well as my client business with Coldwell Banker and Fikes Pest is the best by far! Amazing customer service, friendly staff (Mark is our pest inspector) who is highly capable and trustworthy as well as great problem solver for any situation. The cost is a great value compared to other companies that has not brought the same important factor and customer service to the table.

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