Is Rodent Birth Control a Thing?

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Do you know that two mating rats can be responsible for over 15,000 descendants in just one year? It makes the infestation a very difficult problem to solve. Moreover, continued pest problems will create an extreme challenge of keeping your customers or residents. So how do you go about it? How would you reduce the rodent population and make sure it will never come back?

First of all, let’s see how bad, the uncontrolled pest problem can affect you. Many restaurants, commercial properties, apartment complexes, and residential houses suffer from the damage that rodents do. They can eat anything, including your supplies, and get through anything. They often chew on wires, wood and plastic. Rodents can easily bring you heavy monetary losses. Second of all, and probably the most important way rodents can harm you, they carry diseases. Rats can make you, your residents, or customers sick very quickly if not taken care of. The last reason why pests are bad and you have to take care of them quickly – bad image and legal problems.

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Why Rodent Birth Control?

If you are a business, and your customers see rats lurking around, they will not return to your establishment anymore. Moreover, they will leave negative reviews and advise others to choose a different place. Additionally, it is very easy to get in trouble if someone will get sick. They can file a lawsuit and you will have a problem with state departments responsible for disease prevention and pest control. That will incur heavy monetary losses, ruined image, and in some cases – permanent closure.

How to prevent all of that from happening? While one of the most common methods of control is the use of baits and traps, it’s no secret that pests can evolve to become resistant to pesticides and learn to avoid traps. They can even teach their descendants how to do it! All of that will require increased concentrations of pesticides or combinations of methods for efficacy.

That said, there are pest control measures that reduce fertility, rather than those that cause death in pests. They are likely to be most effective in slowing the evolution of treatment resistance and reducing the overall population of rodents – particularly methods that work against both sexes. It would work much better than just trying to eliminate rodents. Therefore, it is a great practice to introduce special chemicals to reduce rodent fertility, and when the population gets dramatically reduced – eliminate them.

Fikes provides the best rodent birth control services and uses one of the most innovative of placing special feeding stations in the areas with the most infestations. These stations have a special, tasty (only for rats – please do not taste it) chemical that starts working right away. The more rats or other rodents consume it, the less fertile they become. It helps significantly reduce infestations and prevent the rodent population from rebounding. It helps you dramatically reduce the need of having many bait stations or traps and resolve the issue. Thus, protecting your customers, employees, or just your home.


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