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Professional & Commercial Pest Control Services Company Auburn


We are a professional home and commercial pest control services company in Auburn, WA, property owners using a unique and highly successful approach to pest services.

As professional & commercial pest control services experts since 2003, we create an effective and affordable solution that fits your specific needs, allowing you to operate your business or feel safe in your home without bringing attention to the issue.

We create an individualized approach rather than a generalized program that provides each client with a thorough inspection and specialized treatment plan for eliminating:

  • Cockroaches that cause all kinds of diseases
  • Flies including fruit flies and drain flies attracted to food
  • Ants, spiders, fleas and ticks, and bed bugs
  • Earwigs, millipedes, pillbugs, centipedes & silverfish
  • Yellowjackets, wasps, hornets and other stinging insects
  • Carpet beetles, and boxelder bugs

While regular sanitation, cleaning, and monitoring food products and their condition can help you minimize the risk of pest infestations, when you suspect or see evidence of a pest issue, call us for a home or commercial inspection and specialized plan. We offer emergency or immediate pest exterminator services!

professional & commercial Pest Control Services Auburn– A Specialized Plan that Will Fit Your Needs


As a professional pest control services company serving Auburn, we place an unrelenting focus on top-quality people to provide the highest-level pest exterminator services as our #1 priority!

With any type of invasion, we use a comprehensive systems-based approach to pest management that provides a safe, effective, and sustained remedy to protect the health and wellbeing of commercial businesses, their clientele, and homeowners.

We use cutting-edge pest control products and techniques that provide discreet solutions to patrons of various facility types in the most cost-efficient and effective manner possible.

These are a few reasons to consider us for home and commercial pest control services in Auburn:

  • Professional experience since 2003
  • Home Advisors overall rating of 4.77
  • Individualized client approach to pest control services
  • Professionally licensed company
  • Locally owned and operated

When you realize you are dealing with a pest issue, call us to meet your needs in the most cost-efficient and effective way.

When You Need a Pest Exterminator in Auburn, Call Us!


We build relationships that bring value and peace of mind to our clients. Our pest control services i Auburn are carefully tailored to each client by a skilled team of pest exterminator professionals.

We have built a reputation for identifying and solving the most challenging pest problems and getting the job done right the first time.

If you are searching for an experienced and professional pest exterminator near me, call us for premium solutions that fit your needs with:

  • An individualized program
  • A detailed inspection
  • A specialized plan with proactive prevention measures
  • Affordable services

Call Fikes Products or contact us on our site for effective pest exterminator services by a team that is “proudly obsessed with pests”! 253-854-2439


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