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Scent Marketing Solutions in Centennial – The Power of Scent


We have scent marketing solutions in Centennial to enhance your commercial or business facilities and create lasting positive impressions.

The strongest sense linked to memory and emotion is the presence of scent. Research indicates that as high as 82% of consumers spend extended periods in stores with pleasant aromas. While shoppers enjoy visiting certain stores, they may not realize that it is because of scent marketing and commercial odor control.

Commercial and business entities can no longer afford to ignore the overwhelming number of benefits of our scent marketing solutions and the positive effect on their bottom line.

These are a few reasons to choose our scent marketing solutions and commercial air freshener systems as integral elements in creating branded recognition:

  • Improved guest experiences
  • Extended customer linger time
  • Heightened perception of value and quality
  • Increased sales resulting from scent marketing solutions
  • Improved performance in the workplace
  • A higher degree of customer loyalty

Call us today for perfect scent marketing solutions to freshen your lobbies, hallways, retail spaces, and offices.

Commercial Odor Control Services Centennial – Eliminating Odors, Not Masking Them

Commercial Odor Control Centennial

We do more than mask unpleasant odors by eliminating them using commercial odor control and neutralizing commercial air freshener service for Centennial businesses and commercial entities.

Foul odors can lower the mood and increase the anxiety levels of customers and clients. Pleasant aromas create impressive first and last impressions on clients or customers entering your facility. Our innovative commercial odor control and neutralizing technology provide scenting and deodorizing solutions for:

  • Restroom odor control – not masking odors
  • Producing a safe, fresh-smelling environment
  • Boosting employee productivity
  • Establishing the right sensory experience for your business

We install and maintain commercial odor control systems in Centennial at no charge to our commercial customers. Our commercial odor control specialists provide proper fragrance choices, adjustments, and unit placement to achieve optimal coverage.

Call for additional information about commercial strength odor eliminators that create a pleasant scenting strategy for your facility.

Benefits of Commercial Air Fresheners for Centennial Facilities


Many commercial companies and business facilities in Centennial are experiencing the benefits of our commercial air freshener service to overcome rising hygiene and odor concerns.

We provide a global scent marketing strategy for our clients that influences customers to linger longer and to want to buy particular products. We know how to help our clients find new ways to elevate customer experiences, boost their company profile, and increase brand recognition.

We can help build increased emotional connections to your brand by utilizing scent marketing and commercial air freshener systems to their fullest extent.

You can reach your next growth level with commercial air freshener benefits such as:

  • Creating positive lasting memories and impressions
  • Improved customer experiences through pleasing aromas
  • Increased sales
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Customer loyalty

Call Fikes Products today to learn how scent marketing affects your bottom line. We want to hear from you. 800-900-1083


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