40 x 48 Black trash Liners, 14 mic, 250/case


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Specifications: 14 Micron, 250 per case.
Why Buy HD Can Liners?
1. HD liners are about 3 times stronger and more durable than ordinary polyethylene liners.
2. HD liners require two-thirds less petroleum based raw material to manufacture. Because of this, they can be made about one-third the thickness of ordinary low density polyethylene liners. This translates to one-third the shipping, storage and warehousing cost.
3. Substantial cost savings per liner.
4. HD liners will rarely “zipper” if punctured.
5. HD liners are extremely wide temperature resistant. They can be used in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees F to +212 degrees F.
6. HD liners are USDA and FDA approved (natural colored liners only).

Weight 18.3 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 4 in


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