Disinfecting and cleaning services to add this year (and next)

Fikes Electrostatic Disinfection Services

What to add to your commercial cleaning today?

Now more than ever, when reopening your business, or opening a new one, you have to think about keeping your customers and employees safe. It means you have to thoroughly sanitize and disinfect your space. It is hard and frustrating to keep up with everything that is happening and make sure your business will continue to function with no problems. Basically, business owners who do not have to deal with the issues of disinfection and sanitation, now have to become cleaning gurus.

Many businesses nowadays, team up with commercial sanitation and disinfection companies, that specialize in COVID19 elimination and protection. It helps them be more prepared for something unexpected, such as confirmed cases of COVID on their premises.
Fikes Coronavirus Disinfection Services

Why do I need professional disinfection?

COVID19 is not going anywhere. You have to partner with the company that thoroughly – but quickly and efficiently – disinfect your space. Moreover, you have to make sure that this company will stay with you for the long run. Disinfection is not about doing it one time and forget about it. You have to make sure that procedures are done consistently and professionally – not by two-guys-with-a-mop kind of company.

The fact that the virus appears to be on the threat horizon for a while – at least until 2021 – makes it all the more important that you not only have a great commercial disinfection service but also that you hire one in the first place.

After all, the longer the virus continues, the more likely it is you or your staff will let down your guard and slow down on all the necessary sanitizing and disinfecting. This is something that can badly affect your business and image.

You want to hire a cleaning partner that pays attention to detail.

Is your custodial staff cleaning the doorknob on the inside of the employee bathrooms? It’s one thing everyone touches. What about the soap dispenser? That handle is being touched before people wash their hands. Office bathrooms that look clean are never as clean as you would think.

Are you sanitizing light switches and office doorknobs? Do you have the right cleaning tools, such as electric or electrostatic sprayers to disperse disinfectant chemicals throughout the office? Do you have electrostatic sprayers with approved disinfectant? Hire the company that has all of those things and actually disinfects everything.

You want a business that cares about cleaning — even more than you do.

Everyone at Fikes is “Obsessed with the dirty details”. Not a lot of people can say that, of course, but we have always seen our mission as one to keep people and businesses safe from germs. In a world with influenza, and COVID19, we’ve been thinking about the link between cleanliness and health long before the pandemic. We also feel deeply that chemicals solutions really should be a solution — they should clean a work environment without making people sick or without seeping into groundwater and threatening animals and humans alike.

Contact us today to learn more about what we do to protect you.

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